Trying Hair Braiding Tutorials 1

Trying Hair Braiding Tutorials

Here are the links to the videos I followed:

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  1. ‘put some whipped cream on me cos I’m an apple pie’

  2. I have the same exact experience with pulling my braid apart lol

  3. At such a low point in my life and just watching this video made me truly laugh in such a long time. Thanks Jenna! Watching your videos make my days worth it some days!

  4. Why the hell are there so many subscribers?? This is the dumbest channel.. Im totally confused.. What am i missing?

  5. Jenna: OWW<br />Julian: <b>gasps</b> OH MY GOD<br /><br />Mood

  6. “It’s just as fake as the rest of f**kin instagram”<br />THE TRUTH

  7. You help me with my depression, thank you

  8. Julien is such a good sport :)

  9. Shall we start an online petition to make Julian grow his hair out? Cause then he’d look like Bucky Barnes (aka the Winter Soldier)

  10. This is freaking hilarious!!!! So real...

  11. you’re pulling it apart wayyy too much😂🤣

  12. it looks like julien has a fruit basket on his head 😂<a href="">9:44</a>

  13. <a href="">3:16</a> when you’re a girl and you can’t even do that...

  14. Julien looks like a horse girl 😂

  15. Virgo getting mad that she can’t perfect everything

  16. Such a relatable<br /> video ❤️

  17. this physically pained me

  18. jenna baby there’s nothing wrong with your hair or your tactic, the reason her hair is so thick is because she’s using extensions

  19. julien is the only beauty youtuber i need 😂

  20. You are doing so well! I can’t braid for shit and you’re talented! Those are haaard to do on wig hair too and your hair is probably not as think as those ladies’ hair! You rock and you’re beautiful

  21. Did someone tell her already what she’s doing wrong? I don’t have the patience to read through all the 19k comments.

  22. Same girl same. I've seen this video so many times cuz I relate so hard

  23. Julien. Those are pedophile glasses.

  24. Is anyone else's favorite braid is the last picture of the dog that has a braid down its back

  25. No one's talking about how she looks like the female blonde twin from How To Train Your Dragon at <a href="">15:51</a>??

  26. <b>Says her hair is more dirty than she'd want to admit</b> ... <b>Looks at my barely day old oily hair that dry shampoo doesn't help</b> 😂😂😂

  27. "Nice try is my city. So.." LoL

  28. If you wanna tighten up the look use a comb and when you add hair to the braid keep brushing out the sections and your suppose ro keep your knuckles as close to the scalp as possible.

  29. I always have this problem, I just, I dont think we have the right hair lol. For ever plain Jane lol

  30. It looks good and then you get closer and then it's like "oh" MOOD

  31. I have thin hair and this video is my life 100%

  32. I actually love the side swept French braid and the pull thru pig tails. I think they look good. <br />Not functional. But great for an Instagram photo

  33. Looks good in any hat, but looks bad in any braid 😂

  34. This is the most relatable video I’ve ever watched

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