Top 5 programming language in 2019 with Learning Paths 1

Top 5 programming language in 2019 with Learning Paths

In this video, I would like to put up my compiled list of Top programming language. This video is divided in 4 sections.
1. An Amazon interview experience
2. Reasons and factors for this list
3. Actual list of languages with learning paths and projects
4. A quick talk over Data Structure and Algorithms

If you are just interested in list:
5. PHP
3. Java
2. JavaScript
1. Python

but this video is not just about list, experience and learning path is also included.

For php, first start with Front end web development:

For Swift start here:

For Java, start with Java Bootcamp

and then Android P with 26+ apps:

For Javascript, here is a free course:

Python can lead you with Django, web development here:

or Machine Learning guide here:

These are some online resource, that I have created over years. Here is the mentioned book in video:

Link to my programming Video Library:

Pick best UI color for your projects:

Laptop that I use:

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It doesn’t feel good to have a disclaimer in every video but this is how the world is right now.
All videos are for educational purpose and use them wisely. Any video may have a slight mistake, please take decisions based on your research. This video is not forcing anything on you.

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  1. 1. I agree with your list .....<br />2. first of all, I'll go for PHP then i will do python..................<br /><br /><br /> Thnx.

  2. Python is the most beautiful language I've ever used, and Django has the best migrations that so far no framework has compared that I'm aware of. C++ is difficult and I think it's extremely ugly to write.

  3. This is little misleading. PHP in 2019 is bad choice. PHP may be good language but, there many other languages which are better to learn. I'm also surprised not to see Go, Rust and Kotlin.

  4. i agree with your list my favoritee is c++

  5. Very Good. but what happened to around your left Eye?

  6. Ans 1: I agreed with your List.<br />Ans 2: My Favt. Prog. lang. is PHP

  7. Wrong!!

  8. hiteshji need your email id to share my queries with regarding to coding. I am a share trader i want to write afl coding for amibroker. pl. help me

  9. Googles <a href="">#GO</a> super trend.

  10. how can I use python for treading stock

  11. Is certificate of programming languages is important ??<br />Anybody here to reply me.. ??

  12. Is Hadoop getting it's popularity??

  13. 1. Python<br />2. Javascript<br />3. Java<br />4. C#<br />5. Php<br /><br />My favorite is C# because I have experience in that. But now I am starting learning python because I want go with AI. I think AI have a great future.

  14. Am PHP Developer having 5+ Years of working experience which lang you suggest me, i have started learning angular and node What's your opinion

  15. get your hands dirty with that :D

  16. Great video. C++ is definitely king!

  17. Even though Java is my favorite language, and I know a bit of C and C++, I am striving to expand beyond this year. I am particularly interested in Python and JavaScript, but you might be interested in something else. This list of the top 10 programming languages — compiled with help from Stack Overflow’s annual developer survey as well as my own experience — should help give you some ideas.<br /><a href=""></a>

  18. U are the best

  19. C/C++/C# should be in the list

  20. Isn't WordPress popular because people don't need to know PHP? If WordPress was written in some other language wouldn't it be as popular as PHP is now because it's so easy to use and you don't have to know the code necessarily? This is just an observation, maybe if you don't count WordPress or just give it 25% value because I don't think very many people use the PHP in WordPress. Then look at the rest more critically?

  21. I am a database bound Despktop application developer using Vb + MS SQL - I have huge requirement for web applications - What language i should study. I prefere PHP, What is your opinion

  22. how to contact you i need some counselling form you ready to pay also plz share how to contact you

  23. 1. Python<br />2. Kotlin<br />3. JavaScript<br />4. C#<br />5. Java

  24. "the php"

  25. C

  26. 1. Java<br />2. PHP<br />3. Python<br />4. Javascript<br />5. Go

  27. I agree with your list, for me python can do almost everything in ourdays. Thanks :)

  28. Just subscribed your channel bro, and the reason is that there so many things in common between us and I find your videos very easy to understand. Salute bro keep enlightening us :)

  29. Hi sir<br />Sir kindly tell me the procedure of how to install pygame and second thing my cmd is not working properly only the cd command works rest of it says your command is not external or internal recognized sir i need your help really i will be thankful to you

  30. Where you storage you php files , or ruby files , pythonfiles , all the same worked with set up routine syntaxsfrases lines = stoopeth protocols !

  31. The range scan clientsides , or colomns row , stoopeth evil toys for boys ! Karma see everything!

  32. Hello Hitesh...! I'm a java developer & i can afford apple products. Would you recommend me to shift on Swift language because i want to do job in United States. and please mention me a book for iOS Development

  33. Liked and subscribed <3

  34. So informative video...<br />Thanks for this :)

  35. C# is the most powerful and dynamic language. It has become more important after .net core.

  36. Thanks a lot for the awsome clarification. Love from Bangladesh.

  37. Doesn't meanS?

  38. a very good initiative from your side..........thanks.......looking forward to more such informative videos in the near future.


  40. THANKS

  41. Guys what's about kotlin.....<a href="">#future</a> language of google for app development...😐😐

  42. No c# ? Surprising

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  44. I love python

  45. Python

  46. where is HTML and why is it not considered

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