Python Flask Tutorial: Full-Featured Web App Part 1 - Getting Started 1

Python Flask Tutorial: Full-Featured Web App Part 1 – Getting Started

In this Python Flask Tutorial, we will be learning how to get started using the Flask framework. We will install the necessary packages and get a basic Hello World Application running in our browser. Let’s get started…

The code for this series can be found at:

Django Tutorials to create this same application:

Python Installation:

Virtual Environment Setup:

Sublime Text Setup:

If name equals main explanation:

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  1. <a href="">11:14</a>

  2. Gracias mister Corey.... excelente exposición.....

  3. amazing sir!!

  4. now after finished the course with coding it's time to listen the same course all over.

  5. Amazing work!! These videos are of high standards and hopefully you make tutorials on various other topics as well😀

  6. Thanks man for this tutorial ❤️

  7. If you get the ''flask' is not recognized as an internal or external command," message, you need to set up your user variables in Windows. You can actually still get it to run by typing 'py -m flask run', but if you want to just type 'flask run' like the example: Go to System Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables, click NEW under User Variables, then copy the location of your Python 3 .exe and save.

  8. It's really awesome that you build the exact here as you build in the Django tutorials, so a person can easily compare both of these.

  9. Hey Corey, may I know how to import a class of different flask project in the present flask project and those are in different local disc's....??

  10. am unable to download the video.. any one to help out

  11. In Jupyter notebook: <br />, use_reloader=False)<br />if someone has some strange error

  12. I really like this playlist and the Django one. Do you have any plan to do the same thing with node.js Express? That would be really helpful. Thank you so much.

  13. Guys if you find the tutorials a bit long and sometimes frustrating don't get discouraged. I kept on going to the end and decided to make something myself and here is the result <a href=""></a>. You learn more thank you think you have. So finish all the videos.

  14. Best video I found on Flask. Finallyyyy

  15. Why haven't you use Pycharm for this project?

  16. Thanks for this Corey Jane

  17. these are amazing man!

  18. The development server kept crashing for me when I added `export FLASK_DEBUG=1`, but I was finally able to find a work-around solution on StackOverflow: <a href=""></a>

  19. I started with your django playlist and i found it very confusing for a first framework, even tho the way you explain is top tier, i will stick with this one, it seems like a better approach for a first framework

  20. I have an error that could not import flaskblog after running flask please help me

  21. I built my first Flask app by following along. Thank you for the very clear tutorial!

  22. Thanks for the video nice. Following all your tutorials. I started taking online Harvard courses. I did appreciate the simplicity and form of instruction. Keep up the good work Corey and may you receive many blessings for your effort and time!

  23. Thanks for adding so much value to the community. Helped me a lot.

  24. Thanks a lot Corey for this awesome tutorial series. Hats off !!

  25. I’m fucking love you <br />This guy should get paid

  26. For anyone having issues not being able to start the app on windows at <a href="">8:06</a>, I added this to the bottom:<br /><br />if <i>_name_</i> == "__main__":<br /><br /><br />started right up!

  27. I'm about 9 mins into the video and loving it... I don't usually love things on YouTube

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