10 Steps to Getting Started With 3D | Photoshop Tutorial 1

10 Steps to Getting Started With 3D | Photoshop Tutorial

LEARN TO WORK WITH 3D IN PHOTOSHOP FAST! | Learn to create 3D objects from scratch or convert graphics to 3D objects, too.

System Requirements for 3D per Adobe: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/system-requirements.html

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In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll start from scratch and cover ten different techniques and steps to getting started with 3D in Photoshop. We will create fresh 3D objects, talk about the difference between moving the camera view and actually moving the 3D object, we’ll talk about applying textures to the different sides of a 3D object, converting a 2D plane (or image) to a 3D postcard and even combine that into an actual 3D object and make them interact and reflect off of each other like they would in real life, we’ll cover how to render out and export your 3D objects, and SO much more! If you haven’t jumped into 3D in Photoshop, you’ll absolutely love this video and (hopefully!) learn a ton!

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  1. Good info, but you talk too much... it´s too long

  2. LOVE the tut!! Only problem is, I'm wracking my brains trying to figure out why I don't have the little widget in the lower left like you do! :'( I can't find where it would be!!!!!!

  3. U talk toooo much dont mind but its a fact

  4. My puter meets all requirements, and I can create all the basic shapes, but I don't see the ground plane. Why? Did I turn it off? If so, how do I turn it back on?<br /><br />There is no sense in me going any further with this. I can't see the ground plane. Therefore I cannot tell where the object lies in space. I need to turn this on. Tell me how. <br /><br />Another problem: Create a light. Can't do that. ONce created, I cannot grab it's handle and point it where I want it to. <br /><br />Now my specs: <br />Video card: geforce 650 ti w 1 gb ram<br />System ram: 16 Gb<br />Processor: AMD 6300 six core <br /><br />that gets all the 2d stuff done! Where is the list of processors that are supported? NOT FOUND is what I get when I google search 'processors supported for photoshop cc 3D'<br /><br />Then there are stupid videos instead of written text. Text is much easier to follow, but making videos is much easier for those who know how to do things. They take the easy way out and make it harder for people to learn. they also waste time about their courses. I have no money for courses, and I want text, not video. <br /><br />Last night, I successfully made a bullet shape. Wow! Then the ground plane doesn't show. The light cannnot be grabbed to see it and point it. Why? I rotated the bullet until it was unrecognizable. I even squashed it somehow, but I didn't want that. <br /><br />EVERYBODY ALREADY KNOWS HOW TO MAKE TEXT into 3D. And the perspective is not correct. How do I change my camera's lens focal length? <br /><br />I textured the bullet with a material. It didn't show. Why? I rendered it. It still didn't show.<br /><br />What is wrong here? <br /><br />There are videos from 3rd parties on 3D. Where are the tutorials from Adobe on 3D? Do you work for them? Do they pay you? I doubt it, so why are you helping them escape thier responsibility?<br /><br />This is nuts. Just plain nuts! There are videos of how to do things in PS CS6. These do not apply. But few are available for 3d in CC. Adobe has not provided many. At least, I cannot find them, and again, they make videos instead of step by step text tutorials.<br /><br />I don't want a donut. I want to know how to light my bullet. I want to see the ground plain. How do I turn this on? I want to see the light and grab it and see the shadows. How do I get this to work. I have it selected in the list. Now how do I view it. It seems to be turned off. The lighting is flat, and not directional. <br /><br />WTF do I do here?

  5. Hey there, thanks very very much for the tutorial! It's really helpful and much appreciated that you'd put up such an informative thing for free.<br /><br />I was wondering if once you've made the extrusion from the text layer that there was an easy way to change the original text while still maintaining the properties (i.e. color)? I'm in a project where I'm doing each letter separately and was thinking I would just duplicate each letter and then change it, but that more or less resets all the properties (color, rotation, etc.). Is there a way to do that or otherwise copy the 3D properties like you can with the Layer Style?<br /><br />Thanks again for this video, it's very well done.

  6. Is there a way to add 2D text on a 3D object?

  7. Great TUT! Thank you.

  8. To make a long story short; directly jump to <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5crxEaZHkY&t=12m12s">12:12</a>

  9. Not a donut. Maybe it's a bagel.

  10. i cant select the mesh preset what do i do??

  11. Thanks as always Nate! This is great!

  12. haha dear sir yeww are awesome

  13. Thank You!! Help lots BUT what was the London Photo for????

  14. Very helpful, Thanks man!

  15. "Just click up here and select a preset" You are awful explaining the "where" not everyone has the same screen as you. If this is how your tutorials to purchase are, I'll pass

  16. 1k likes man well done

  17. You obviously know your stuff but do you have to drown us in chat before you get to conveying how to do it?

  18. Excellent tutorial, have learn't a lot. Thank you for this presentation.

  19. Omg im just starting college courses for graphic design and I AM SO EXCITED

  20. Thank you so much its has really helped me understand where i was going wrong. But i am having a problem with creating some items it super mario characters, cartoon characters like 60s characters can you help me make it look real? Pls i am so sorry please help me

  21. very helpful


  23. Great Tutorial! Thank YOU:) Love your energy ....easy to follow...❤️

  24. Well we just watched this video in class and us students really enjoyed it!

  25. Can you say how many viwers search for photoshop tutorials daily?

  26. Good vid!

  27. You talk toooooooooo much!<br />this video could have been much much much shorter.<br />so boring and annoying

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