Ruby On Rails In 60 Minutes 1

Ruby On Rails In 60 Minutes

In this video we will cover all of the fundamentals of the Ruby on Rails framework by building a blog application with comment functionality

Database Migrations
Basic Ruby Code







  1. thank you sir

  2. <a href="">22:22</a> Why... why is is submitting to create? we never specified 'create' in the new.html.erb file. It just 'happens'... why.<br /><br />This makes no sense

  3. Brad, please make more Ruby on Rails Tutorials, You Tube, and Udemy have no current RoR courses, it's now a forgotten framework, but it's great, still relevant, and deserves more exposure. I for one would certainly purchase any rails course you would create. It's a shame, because the possibilities with rails seem endless, but finding free, or paid, good, current material seems near on impossible?

  4. awesome, exactly what i am looking for

  5. Ruby On Rails offer a dev web server to develop. Witch web server should we use in production mode?

  6. Thanks for video. Has been really helpful. I have one point to add. When there are comments attached to a particular post, we cant delete the post. To solve this, add this to Post model : `has_many :comments, dependent: :destroy`. This will destroy the associated comments as well.

  7. why when I add (root 'posts<a href="">#index</a>') rail stops to work?? what is the reason?

  8. ruby and rails rules !! <br />see what you can do with them : chatbot, blockchain, machine learning, ....<br />my online course catalog there => <a href=""></a><br />great video indeed :D

  9. Traversy do you know almost all the language phython, php , javascript,ruby . Nice work there

  10. For me traversy did cram dis stuff buh he needed a guide may be through dis tutorial

  11. Thank you so much for the video.

  12. I face the following problem.. In general bootstrap works fine for html code. But on ruby code line it does not work. Like say <br /><ul class="navbar-nav navbar-right"><br /> <li><%= link_to "Create Post", new_post_path %></li><br /><br /> </ul><br />The bootstrap navbar features does not reflect on the Create Post link. How to resolve this problem?

  13. clear and useful, very nice for beginner, Thanks!

  14. Thanks for that!

  15. nice video and overview. feels like my COBOL days back in 1970s.

  16. funny how you said "destroy" being a bit harsh. lol. i feel the same was as DROP in SQL

  17. How do you save to database if the content is not from a form @<a href="">20:50</a>, what if its from a javascript variable?

  18. Great course. Clear and super helpful introduction to Rails. Thanks!

  19. React and Vue etc. have made this technology redundant.

  20. When I try downloading the rails installer it reaches the end and gets stuck there, I tried multiple browsers, is there a mirror for the download, or what could be the problem?

  21. Thank you!!!!

  22. @<a href="">27:14</a> why does redirect_to @post loads show view? It doesn't makes sense?

  23. Every time I try to create a new project, it fails with SQLite3<br /><br /><br />extconf.rb<br />checking for sqlite3.h... no<br />sqlite3.h is missing. Install SQLite3 from <a href=""></a> first.<br /><b>*</b> extconf.rb failed <b>*</b>

  24. thanks man!

  25. when I enter ruby -v it says command not found

  26. i got an error when i tried to run command "rails s" its said: could not find gem turbolinks in any of the gem sources listed in your gemfile? Can anyone help me please!

  27. Thank you for explaining everything. I want to do a boot camp but I'm not going to shell out thousands without having a solid base first. Thank you.

  28. Thanks! Really helped.

  29. YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!!! (I am currently in school)

  30. Awesome video thanks a lot !

  31. I appreciate people who code using windows, since Windows tries its best to be a developer friendly os lately by acquiring gigjub

  32. in the beginning of video u decided to rmove the s from https at the top of the gemfile to fix the ssl certf. issue..... what are the ramifications a developer should know of doing this?

  33. rails s is for local?

  34. is the about method in the pages_controller.rb file called automatically because its name is specifically about? What if there were multiple functions in the file then how would it know to call the other function?

  35. <a href=""></a>

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