How to do On Page SEO? 15 On Page SEO Factors that works nowadays!!

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How to do On Page SEO? 15 SEO Factors that works nowadays!!

If you are new in creating your own website and you are looking for legitimate ways to rank your web page on Google, learning how to do On-Page SEO is definitely the 1st lesson you have to learn!

On-page SEO basically means that the fundamental adjustments on your website you have to do to LET Google recognize your website is targeting on which specific keyword.

When I first got started blogging, I knew nothing about On-page SEO.

I wrote 90 blog posts in first 90 days and I got like 5 visitors in a month…LOL. And they were not coming from organic search…

So after I learned what I need to know how to do On-Page SEO, with a little appropriate Off-Page SEO, nowadays I have about 8000 visitors every single month and keep raising!!

With that being said, it is a must to learn how to do on page seo if you aim to rank your website on the first page of google, or even in the first few positions.

And I hope this video could help! (I'm sure it does, in fact!!)

Many Blessings,

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