WP Social SEO Booster Plugin 1

WP Social SEO Booster Plugin

Critical SEO WordPress Plugin considered a must have for every WordPress Blog you own. The WP Social SEO Booster plugin covers the void left by other SEO plugins which do not yet cope with the Post Google Penguin environment.

Increase your search engine ran with enhanced social Facebook Open Graph meta tags, Google Authorship, and Google Rich Snippets/ Structured Data. All 3 of these high level functions will make your content more findable via search and custom search. Give you credibility through Authorship and Publisher status, and enable specific Facebook integration that will customize each and every Like, Share, and Comment on your WordPress Blog.

This WordPress Social SEO Plugin is a one of a kind tool which will change the way you do SEO from now on. Use Social Media Signals in more than just the direct way and find the power of true social optimization.


  1. Nice WP Social SEO Booster Plugin from Mike Johnson!

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  3. Amazing Plugin 

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