Wordpress SEO by Yoast [Tutorial] How to optimize on page SEO 1

WordPress SEO by Yoast [Tutorial] How to optimize on page SEO

In this video you will learn how to optimize on page SEO in WordPress using the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin.
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This plugin helps you check that you have added keywords throughout your content, posts and pages, as well as the title and description that Google use to display in search results. Once you learn how to use the WordPress SEO plugin, your content will rank higher in Google with only 5 minutes of work on each post or page.


  1. Hey, i have a question. I built a wordpress site 2 weeks ago, it already has 20 posts or so, i have only just come across this plug in. Will be ok to use from now? ive seen some other video's that suggest the plug in should be installed as soon as you have built your site.

    • Yes, it will be OK to use now. Just avoid changing your permalinks (you will know if you're changing them).

  2. Ashley, Thank you for this very helpful and phenomenal tutorial. Wow! Really easy to follow. One question for you if I may: I have a few other SEO related plug-ins installed and activated on my WordPress site but I don't want any of them to cancel out the Yoast plug-in. Would you advise as to whether I need to de-activate any of the following in order to prevent a possible conflict or override of the Yoast plug-in: Google SCO pressor snippets, Jetpack, WP SEO wizard, WP – optimize. Thank you! Lisa

    • +SoundArtsOnline sorry Lisa, I did not see these comments. It all depends what those plugins do. If they also add meta tags to your post, then yes. If they are for keyword research for example, then it is ok. But many of them do try to do the same things (basic on page SEO) so be careful they aren't all writing meta descriptions and titles on your page.

  3. sorry misspelling on my last post. Should read "Google SEO pressor snippets".

  4. Thanks Tom for this update.

  5. Should I fill keyword, title, description out for pages that have a 301 redirect? Thanks

  6. Is this enough for Onpage SEO?

    • +NikolayChuu on page is only the beginning. You ultimately need to get links and increase the authority of your blog by connecting with others and getting social shares. It is a long road, but on page SEO is a must and should come before anything else

  7. Thanks this is pretty useful just for the onsite optimization you'll need to do on your page. I also agree with the title tag and the meta more catchy as well, I think that's important, because people do read it.

  8. Saving this URL to watch later

  9. I have a review site. I check all my review content with yoast plugin. But I have a question, Is it important other pages like about page, contact pge, privacy policy etc check with yoast plugin.

  10. Great seo information!

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