SEO Tools Plugin for Excel [Tutorial] 1

SEO Tools Plugin for Excel [Tutorial]

I've taken a deeper look at a really handy tool that I use on a daily basis – a free plugin for Microsoft Excal called SEO tools (developed by Neils Bosma – ).

The plugin cn be used for all sorts of website analysis, especially when it comes to SEO. I walk you through how you can do just that – you will see how to conduct a link analysis of your website directly within Excel as well as an on-page SEO audit.

You can view the full article here: .


  1. Very nice tutorial you have shared here. I have learned something new today. Nice to know that this plugin can also be used for all sorts of website analysis, especially when it comes to SEO. 

  2. Seems like you need to have Majestic to get the real fruit of this system.

    • You're going to get the real benefits of the tool with Majestic; however, the XPath features that I didn't really tap into are amazing - just check out my tutorial on it here:

    • Will do, thanks for the tips.

  3. Hi Barby, Thanks for this wonderful tools. You made my efforts easier. Its very usefull and easy to use. Can we find domain authority through this tools?

    • Hey Shadba, there isn't a function for pulling in Domain Authority, however, you could do this using the MozScape API.

    • +Matthew Barby thank you.

  4. Excellent presentation.

  5. what's the video maker to be uesd make this video? who knows?

  6. Looks like an awesome plugin, but you need to brush up on your presentation skills because not only was your tone really m o n o t o n o u s but you also appeared to be disorganized/unprepared for the topics you shared.

  7. Hey Mathew Great Video keep them coming fantastic to see realtime and your reasons you should create a tutorial series and demo it on a site Thanks again :) Rich

  8. Great tutorial, thank you!

  9. Your presentation is not at all audible.

  10. How can I use this on a mac?

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