SEO for Beginners Tutorial - 1 - What is Search Engine Optimization? 1

SEO for Beginners Tutorial – 1 – What is Search Engine Optimization?

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  1. How big are you planning on making this series? regards

  2. Alright! Been waiting for this one. Thanks Bucky!

  3. Please do a tutorial on Web api.

  4. Bucky is the best teacher.

  5. OMG I was just searching for some good SEO tutorials. And was hoping Bucky should make one. And BANG. I got this Notification :D Bucky Please Complete this Tutorial. Please. Please. Please.

    • +Abhishek Choudhary Khatkar damn true bucky always do famous thing been 3 year with him

  6. I love you so much right now

  7. What was he kinda do with that incognito mode of Google Chrome? "hmm." , Never mind great Video

  8. Awesome! Can't find to watch the series!

  9. I made a promise to watch all your tutorials whatever tutorial is about because you are the best teacher ever keep going

  10. honestly bucky .... can you read minds ?

  11. Could you make a follow up on this series explaining how to get the review stars underneath you site on google? Like amazon has in the beginning of this video.. Would be very helpful :)

  12. Why are you on incognito mode?

  13. Bucky do some AI programming :D

  14. You just give an amazing video, i got inspired, may SEO tools have a great help

  15. Why is he in incognito mode?

    • +Xi Jinping why are you so diao?

  16. variables? {SEP} Search engine programming;

  17. Who does the cooking you or your wife? Cause you sure talk a lot about food.

  18. I always like Bucky's tutorial. Been watching his vids since 2009. He's a good teacher and his voice doesn't make me feel sleepy.

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