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SEO Cardiff – HQSEO is an independent SEO Company Cardiff, UK. Find out more:

Below is an articles I wrote that you can learn move about SEO services and what we do at HQ SEO Cardiff.

SEO or search engine optimisation is a method to rank your website higher in the search engines. At hq seo we thrive on our internet marketing and local seo packages and aim to get our local, national and global seo clients into the top 5 of Google UK and in less than 6 months. We also provide social media, video marketing, online marketing, digital integration, brand management and paid advertising campaigns for our clients.
This all gives us the title: “Best digital marketing company in Cardiff”
We love what we do and search engine optimisation is that. If you have a number of websites or businesses we can optimise all of them to rank in not only Google but also other search engines such a bing and Yahoo. The algorithms used are similar but Google is where the majority of traffic will come from and hence why all seo agencies and companies tend to target Google for their clients and to rank in. More traffic = more profit in the long run for your website or local business.

We also use corporate SEO and brand reputation campaigns for companies and businesses that may have had a negative experience or are in an extremely competitive industry.

We have learnt from some of the best SEO experts and seo consultants in the world. These include Neil Patel, SEONick, Tom Buckland and many more. Now we have a team of SEO experts in offices all over the United Kingdom. We have offices in Plymouth, Bournemouth but our HQ is based in Cardiff South Wales, UK.

Our SEO strategy is based around Keyword research, website audit including covering brand management, reviews, technical analysis and more, then we move onto on-page optimisation and start making changes to the code and content of your website. This is where most people fail. After we have made the changes for a client on their website we go into the citation and backlink building process…This is called “off-page” of “off-site” optimisation. For example if a website links from THEIR site to your website you generated a backlink. Generally more backlinks are better. BUT now with the Google penguin update Google has cracked down on spammy links. But instead its about authority.
If you want to rank for say: SEO Cardiff or SEO Company Cardiff then you can. We supply keyword data for businesses, so they can rank for almost ANYTHING! If you want to rank for additional keywords such as “internet marketing Cardiff” “digital marketing Cardiff” stuff that is related to a business but something that isn’t directly targeted. Again for this video example if might be a keyword such as: “SEO Company South Wales”. Although these keywords are important they aren’t AS important due to the lower search volumes in the search engines.

We support both local, national and global companies. This means if you have 1 location or if your service or product can be delivered to the entire world! We can support your AND create a proposal and an seo campaign to support your business and most importantly rank your business in Google and make your business sales and profit! If you want more information on pricing or movements in the search engine results pages or "SERPs" for short. Then you can contact us via our website. But to give you a broad idea of pricing – £300 per month for local seo promotions. £740 per month for national seo promotions and for global seo services you would be looking at approximately £1,000 per month with a £6 or 12 month contract.

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