How to Use the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin (Tutorial) 1

How to Use the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin (Tutorial)

The Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin can be broken down into 3 steps:

1. Configure the settings
Once installed you'll see the different SEO tabs on the left of your dashboard. Go through the different tabs and fill out your website info, social media profiles, configure Webmaster Tools, etc. Use my tutorial to configure the Yoast settings which also includes a downloadable zip file of the settings I use, which you can upload to your own WordPress site…

2. Research 1 focus keyword per page/post
I like to use Google Autocomplete for this. Go to and start typing in a phrase, then look at their keyword suggestions. You can also use the fill-in-the-blank method using this format: Chicago ________ Photographer (you will see suggestions for chicago wedding photographer, newborn, family, children's, etc). This is a good way to get keywords for your pages. Posts are more tutorial related, but you can use similar strategies. Always try to select long-tail (very specific) keywords since they're less competitive and have higher conversion rates. Full tutorial:

3. Optimize content for that keyword by achieving green lights in the page analysis tab
Go to the page/post you want to optimize for that keyword. Set it as your focus keyword, then craft your page title, SEO title, and meta description to include your keyword. Also make sure it's in the permalink and a couple times in the content body. Then use the page analysis tab (basically just tells you to include the keyword in the image alt tag, so name the image file as the keyword before you upload it, and use a couple internal links on the page to link to relevant pages/posts). Other than that, "content optimization" really just means Googling your keyword and writing content that is better than whoever's in the top results. Obviously you want to have your sitewide optimizations down too (site speed, mobile responsiveness, etc). Full tutorial:

I basically show you how to do everything in this video but if you want to hire me I do offer SEO services for WordPress:

Hope you found this Yoast tutorial helpful and leave me a comment if you need help! I wrote about WordPress SEO all day so subscribe to my newsletter if you want to get the low down.



  1. Your ranking in the number one spot would not have somehthing to do with "geo-location" would it? That's google's best friend! 

    • I only use "geo-location" for location-specific keywords like "Chicago WordPress Designer" which is targeted on my homepage. I included Chicago in the title tag, meta description, copy, etc. Then I worked with my link builder to get it moved up.

    • That's a great idea I might try that.. Great video!

    • +Roger Phillips glad you liked it :)

  2. Good tutorial

    • Thanks Vic. It was my first video tutorial but I'm glad you liked it.

  3. Thank you very much for clearing The SEO yoast plugin tutorial, Very helpful, I have started to increase my size of the paragraphs so it easy to read..can you look at it get back to me on see it o.k on size 14 as i have increased the size, does this matter. for ease of reading, i would like your thoughts on that matter. Here is a website page to view please feel free to view the whole blog, I look forward hearing from your very soon

    • You're welcome. Regarding your website - reviewing WordPress websites and their SEO is a service I offer, I don't do it for free because that's how I make a living. If you would like me to do review your SEO send me an email

  4. Many WP users used Yoast in their site but didn't utilize all amazing feauters of this plugin. You showed all the necessary step on how to use Yoast efficiently. This will help you a lot of novice. Great work!

  5. thank tom, you really helped me to understand seo more than any other video posted on youtube. Also I like your website theme, is that a wootheme business theme? 

    • +Cornelius White Thanks for saying that Cornelius! Glad you find the video helpful. I'm actually using a customized version of the Outreach Pro theme from StudioPress: (it's a church theme but it can be used for any website really)

  6. Thank you Tom. I have scored the mother load here with your simple and concise tutorial.

    • +JON Gergeceff Thanks for saying that Jon! I'm working on creating more Yoast video tutorials but I think this one sums up the gist of it. Glad you liked it.

  7. Good stuff

  8. Great stuff. Tom.. Appreciate it..

    • +manish kapoor Anytime Manish, thanks for watching.

  9. Yoast WordPress SEO is the most complete SEO plugin available for WordPress. It offers everything you need to optimize your site.You can optimize your site title,content,meta description,meta keywords,img ALT,sitemap etc.Just order this gig.I will solve this 

  10. Hello Tom is there anything you would do different if you where optimizing a Wo commerce theme?

    • +Ian Churchman Sorry for the late reply Ian. I honestly haven't done much work on Woocommerce sites but I assume most strategies are the same. I would also use the Yoast WooCommerce SEO Plugin:

  11. nice vid

  12. How much do you charge to do SEO ?

    • +Chuck Lew TV Some prices are listed on my website ( but it usually takes a phone call to learn about your keywords/SEO goals. Send me a message through the contact form with any details if you could:

  13. great video been using yoast for some time but not really got into it much but after this tutorial will be spending a lot more time thanks for explaining the basics will be looking at any more you do.

    • +Great Yarmouth I will be making some new videos soon but yeah the Yoast settings, focus keywords, and content optimization videos are a good place to start (see and let me know if you have any questions!

  14. Thanks for posting this video, I found it very helpful!

    • +Christopher Pierce anytime Chistopher, glad you liked it. Let me know if you have any questions!

  15. Did you try this plugin as well? Its quite awesome for tracking SERP in Google

  16. Hi, Tom! Thank you for this video and the updates in OMM's site. I'm developing a vacation rentals site in Wordpress so I'm using Yoast for my SEO purposes. Your videos has been really helpful. I still have some doubts but Google's been a great help. Anyway, I have one question for you: What about pages that aren't meant to include text or any ohther content different from the search results - or categories - of the site (for instance, a page which list all Houses or Appartments availables)? Do you think that completing the Snippet Editor fields is enough? Should I try something else, aside Yoast? Thanks again. Have a great day!

  17. Hi Tom fab video thank you. Just wondered why some of the links in your article were no follow and some followed? Does this make a huge difference to good SEO? Thanks! Amy

    • Hey Amy, thank you... the video is a little outdated but I do try to keep the article up to date... needs a refreshing too so thanks for reminding me. I believe all my links in the articles are rel=follow except the ones in the comment section which are defaulted to nofollow (unless you see something else)? Generally the only links I nofollow are affiliate links.

  18. Gotta say, these videos get outdated quickly. Yoast has updated many versions since I recorded this. Here's an updated video I made on focus keywords/content optimization: then for the settings, use this article on my website which includes instructions on each tab, as well as a zip file you can download/upload to your own site:

  19. Excellent! What I liked the most about this tutorial is the way you pace the presentation, giving one time to digest and analyze the content, and ultimately learn!

  20. great video. thanks for this. very helpful

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