How to Use Google Keyword Tool for SEO 1

How to Use Google Keyword Tool for SEO

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How to use Google Adwords Keyword tool shows how to conduct keyword research. Created by this video looks at using Google keyword tool advanced options and also gives useful SEO insights for webmasters who want to achieve high Google organic rankings.

How to use Google Keyword Tool is a must watch for those who are starting out to run their own SEO projects

Here's the URL for Google Keyword Tool

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You can also find more useful SEO information on this blog

Don't forget to also watch the latest edition of finding keywords in this video:

as it outlines many other methods for keyword research process

This particular video session has been created for the benefit of all online business owners who manage their own online marketing through Google

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  1. Keyword Planner has replaced this tool, which I hate because I've long used the Keyword Tool very successfully. Do you have any instructional tutorials on for this "planner"? Also, any success in using it? Thanks.

  2. It's a very nice video. Unveiling the magic of SEO. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward for more interesting videos from you.

  3. Very informative you sir are a true master of the art many many thank for an excellent presentation 

  4. You guy's know what you are talking about. You are real pro's, much respect and thanks again.

  5. Thanks for the insights! 

  6. i should know this video is latest version of adwords, or old version because i didnt get this keyword tool in adwords, but i get keyword planner it is similer to keyword tool

  7. Great video. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Thanks a lot for your sharing. I find you video include a lot of new, original and useful insight.

  9. Hi, Actuallly there is a question. In your example the keywords "SEO SERVICES", "AFFORDABLE SEO SERVICES" have same landing page. So, to start first I have to concentrate on long term or short term. I am confused. Please Explain. Thanks.

  10. thank you

  11. Thanks for your sharing !

  12. I loved this tutorial and a breath of fresh air to all the other keyword video tutorials I've watched - definitely going to watch the rest. Well Done!!

    • +Jane Goodall thank you kindly Jane, and this isn't just a quick thank you, but rather *Thank* *You* sincerely for this supportive comment

  13. loved this but could you do it with the updated 2015 platform? love your passion all the way from Scotland :)

    • +Mark Pettigrew great to hear, greetings from Australia to you as well, I really need to update much on this channel (I know matey, I will do so as soon as humanly possible)

    • thanks for replying :)

  14. Thank You! From Canada

  15. Great SEO Keyword Tool tutorial. Understanding the intent of the searcher's question, and being able to answer their query. We get it . Thanks Friend.

  16. Hello ! How can I now search synonims in google? I mean without using ~ ? Because its didnt work :(...

    • +MrDynk Yes I know right, why remove something that was really helpful for those who are doing *Search Engine Optimization* *for their website's* anyhow, you can now use #Google define:Keyword simply search Google with this

  17. thanks for sharing great insights. love u!

  18. hi , It was really impressive , i am not able to light light the keyword .. if i type ( ~ word - word ) . if you can guide it .. thank you

    • +Bipin Atal hello Bipin, the ~tilde operator is deprecated in 2016 from Google Advanced Search Operator syntax and to find out more information related to these search operators visit: and also here's more insights on *Keyword Research* here

    • thanks ..:)

  19. finding a right SEO specialists on youtube, it's really hard because people muck around too much to sell their services, however Rankya is the Only one who shared his real experience in no $. I really appreciate your Time and effort for creating very useful SEO Videos

    • +Param Web designer thank you for spreading the word about #RankYa #SEO on #YouTube much appreciated

  20. sir this video was a gold mine for me. i just want to ask you that if i use synonyms and make a decent link like for example: you used "affordable seo service" then do i need to maintain its density in that article too? like 1stkeyword will be "seo service" 2ndkeyword will be "affordable seo service" and so on... so i am little bit confused with this??

    • You are thinking about keywords in a different way, instead, just remember that #Google works differently to many #SEO information related to keywords, meaning, just have the keywords in important places on the page (title, links etc.) then write for people and always use variations, synonyms and also the target keywords. I have many videos and posts related to this

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