How to minimize the risk of being banned by Google or other service? 1

How to minimize the risk of being banned by Google or other service?


  1. Whoa!!! You're kidding me right? BANNED!? Banned from what? Searching Google? or My website showing up on Google? Or Both? Why would Google ban a person using this extension? There are MANY SEO tools on the web that do the same thing, just in a different manner! Does Google ban us if we use those as well? We need more info on this!!! Where can I find out more on this, this, "banning" stuff, and we info that's officially from Google?

  2. I mean you will see the CAPTCHA.

  3. Thank you:) You are right

  4. It means that Google will require you to complete a captcha when performing a search, and even that's only temporary.

  5. had exact same thing happen, but in about 30 seconds.

  6. Doesn't seem likely you'd be banned if you use the settings given in the video. But I haven't made a test of trying to push it.

  7. Great Video

  8. I did not know this about the warning info is a ban from google. because I got the message "if you get this message probably banned by google because a lot of demand" (what he meant by the message that page?) anyone can help explain in detail and example? thanks

  9. Thanks for sharing this SEO team haven't used the tool in a little while now I will follow your advice and use with moderation of course. I have heard of google banning people for automatic queries with certain types of software but this is just crazy. Webmasters are always looking for an advantage whether it be automated or manual. Great Tool.

  10. Good, helpful info. Thanks!

  11. This is a very complex tool and the the gentleman in the video is not all clear. Moreover, I could not understand many part of his lecture due to some heavy Chinese like accent. If you want to capture the net then at least you should have a good tutorial. Your tutorials are all substandard. 

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