How To Measure Data With Google Analytics 2016 – Complete Tutorial Measuring Data Google Analytics

How To Measure Data With Google Analytics 2016 – Complete Tutorial Measuring Data Google Analytics

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The webinar platform we are using today is ReadyTalk. We of course want you to feel free to ask any questions you might have and you can do so via the chat box. Your questions will be flagged and queued for us to answer later. If you happen to lose your connection you will be able to reconnect with the link emailed to you. If you lose your phone connection you can reconnect by re-dialing the phone number. You can also contact ReadyTalk support.

This webinar will also be available on the TechSoup website where you can also find past webinars. These can also be found on YouTube. All these links and presentations will be sent to you via email a few days after the recording.

The goals for this webinar are to increase your overall knowledge of Google Analytics Marketing, and also to provide a framework for using Google Analytics. We also want to help you to make a change in your organization.

The main advantages of Google Analytics are that it is free and that every single codebase of a website can handle it. It is in short web analytics for and website you might have. Another great function is that it shows you what, where, how and when activities are happening on your website and it takes only 30 minutes to install it.

So to get started you of course need to go through a checklist. First of all you need to check if everything is setup and Google Analytics is installed properly. Then you need to delegate someone in your firm the task of monitoring the data. You also need to decide if you want to have tiers of access or in other words if you will be selecting how much data can a specific employee see. The next step is to define your goals and then set up your webmaster tools. Last but not least you need to have your Google AdWords connected along with the dashboards.

There needs to be a logic model to your website and it revolves around the input, output and outcome. The input is basically what you will invest in your website so that is usually free PDFs, photos or classes. The output is what you benefit from investing so downloads, pageviews and signups.

Google analytics are sometimes hard to get explained so we decided to make this Google Analytics Tutorial 2015. It covers comprehensive Google Analytics Explanation in this Google Analytics video. It is great to know for SEO or Search Engine Optimization and Marketing for your marketing company that is powered by search.

It is very important to have an understanding of Google Analytics which you will of course get with ths Google Analytics Tutorial. This Google Analytics Series and also playlist will give you an insight in Live Website Analysis by an Expert web strategist. It will also help you make one step further in becoming an Expert in web strategy and analysis. You will be able to give any Website a review and give owners Expert web advice. The knowledge is also useful in Electronic commerce industry which is why you need to Learn ecommerce.

But most importantly you will be able to export google analytics data for your google analytics data model. It is important to know how to get a google analytics raw data report via the google analytics dashboard. Some might even call this process data mining or big data analytics and it requires business intelligence.

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