Google Maps Local SEO Training Video (2016 Edition) - Google My Business Optimization Tips 1

Google Maps Local SEO Training Video (2016 Edition) – Google My Business Optimization Tips

– FREE Google Maps Optimization & SEO Training Course on EXACTLY What to Do to Dominate the Google Maps Results in 2016!

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Training Modules:

Google Maps SEO Introduction:

Google My Business SEO Step #1: Picking the Right Website Address:

Google My Business SEO Step #2: Creating the Right Website Structure:

Google My Business SEO Step #3: Boosting Your Citation "Authority":

Google My Business SEO Step #4: The Importance of Content Syndication:

Google My Business SEO BONUS Training: "Geo-Optimization" for Maps:

In This Training Session I’m Going to Reveal the Exact Methods That You Need to Follow To Get Your Google My Business Listing to The Top of Google’s Local Search Results in 2016, In as Little as 7 Days.

You See Ever Since Google’s Latest Local Algorithm Update Known as “Pigeon” in Late July of 2014 The Local “Maps” Results Underwent MAJOR Changes Effecting Many Local Businesses…Maybe Even Yours?

The “Pigeon” Update Was Rolled Out Nationwide and Drastically Changed Google’s Local Search Results. You See Prior to Last July, If You Wanted to Get Your Business Listing to The Top of Google Maps Really All You Had to Do Was List Your Business in a Few Hundred Local Search Directory Websites Like Yelp, CitySearch, Foursquare, Yahoo Local, Manta, eZlocal, etc. And If You Did That, Within a Few Weeks to Maybe a Month, Your Listing Made it to Page #1. Basically You Could “List” Your Way to The Top of The Search Results. It Was Really as Simple as That…

Although The Ranking Factors Have Changed, Google My Business is Still The Fastest Way to Get Free Leads From the 97% of Local Consumers Looking to Find Your Products & Services.

If You Know Exactly What to Focus on and What to Stay Away From, You Can Get Your Listing to The Top Quickly.

What I’m About to Share With You Can & Will Have a Very Positive Impact on Your Business For The Rest of This Year and Beyond…

So in Order to Get The Most Out of This Training, While It’s Still Online, Is to Eliminate ALL Distractions and Get Out a Pen & Paper to Take Notes. Close Your Door, Mute Your Phone and Get Ready to Learn. This Will Make You More Money in 2015.

This Training Will Focus ONLY on Exactly What Works Right Now in 2016, Not What Used to Work. No Fluff or Theory, Just The Areas You Need to Focus on for FAST Results And Real Long-Term Staying Power at The Top of Google Maps.

Go to: to Start Your FREE Google My Business in 2015 Local Maps Optimization Training!

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This video focuses on google my business seo and also google my business optimization & setup in 2016. It also can be used as a google my business optimization tutorial and google my business website building manual. I explain why should my business use google plus and google my business wordpress subject matter, google my business 2016, google my business youtube and finally google for my business….Phew!

Google Maps SEO – Local Search Engine Optimization Training in 2016


  1. Wow, thanks Mike! See I have lots to do. Have 6 different GMB pages/addresses/offices, also having different landing pages, but my pg. structure lacks much. IE. Taking your suggestions, implementing and will get back, letting you know. Am aware Local pg ranking also depends on how competitive the industry is for that area, so we'll see! Thanks again~! Great Stuff Indeed. 'Subbed and Liked'

  2. Excellent information - Thank you

  3. Mike, what a great tutorial! Very well presented with logical progression. Thanks so much for taking the time to create this.

  4. Wow! I used this tips and seen results in ranking my site in just 2 weeks! Thanks!

  5. Fantastic video Mike. Incredibly useful and well presented. Sharing now across my social media channels.

  6. It is a great tutorial. Powlin Manuel

  7. how did you verfiy such a great location ?

    • It was a fictitious location for demo purposes for this video only.

    • +Mike Steffens . you didn't get a card or a call ? isn't that you ranking in the 3 pack ( great training )

    • +Bob McAlister no because there was and is no listing...the address is fictitious and was used for this video only. I have live ranking examples in other verticals but don't share those on public videos like this.

    • +Mike Steffens certainly understand the others. verticals ? we must be in the same place group. I just thought I saw a legitimate listing for the chiropractor in your video .

  8. Mike, thanks a ton for the great information. That presentation was awesome. My business specializes in several services and I am trying to decide if I should do a separate single page website for each service. (for example we specialize in tattoo removal, but we also remove sunspots, melasma, and birth marks). I want my domain to be the service we provide and where we do it .com . Should I do separate websites and domains for each service we provide? I am leaning toward yes but thought I would pic your brain before I put in a ton of work. It seems like it would be better than cramming a bunch of different services in one website. Thanks for all your help.

  9. is there training videos I need before I learn this?

  10. So say i want to focus on Springfield, VA and McLean, VA - can i do that or is this tutorial only for one specific city and state? Say i want to rank in 10 or more cities in the state of Virginia, is it possible? A response would be much appreciated and love the video so far!

    • So, how is it possible for us to be able to rank in other cities rather than just the address provided in our GMB?

    • Also sorry for the questions, i'm trying to do everything myself, and go from knowing nothing about local to knowing it all in 12 days, i completely understand how to build web 2.0s, listing profiles, i have an idea about organic seo.

    • Mike, is it possible to rank in my state and country? Like "Bathroom Remodel Virginia" with 1 GMB listing?

    • +Charbel Tannous that's a pretty ambitious goal going from knowing nothing to knowing "everything". Keep us posted on your local seo journey.

    • +Charbel Tannous yes it's possible to rank your GMB for "bathroom remodel Virginia"...Google search it and you'll find a 3-pack, for the time being, which means it's possible. You can also rank your site for global terms such as "bathroom remodel" and also your GMB locally for the same search phrase.

  11. Is this good for online ecommerce website?

  12. if i don't accept customers at my location (working as service provider) should i put the full address in my website or just the city and the zip code like google my business does?

  13. Very Nice Video - Thanks I will us on My Kss Bali Tour

  14. What a smart, cool guy..Thanks. Charles

  15. Thanks Mike! I filled out the form and submitted it to you. Joshua

  16. Mike, Thank you so much for that! I would be open to hearing back from you about a comprehensive plan for both off page and on page optimization. Either way your video and support are greatly appreciated. Joshua

  17. This tutorial really helps!

  18. No 3-pack triggered with brand name + city name. However "hifi" triggers the 3-pack.

  19. Awesome Video

  20. Just what I needed to learn. Thank you so much for sharing all of this great information on SEO. I asked some seo guru about helping me and he wanted $3500 per month. Yeah right!

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