Easy WP SEO Plugin Reviews 1

Easy WP SEO Plugin Reviews

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Easy WP SEO Plugin Reviews

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More of The Easy WP SEO Plugin’s Killer Features!

Here are just some of its other features, most of which are found in no other WordPress SEO plugin!

1. Optimizes your content for 23 proven on-page factors, more than any other plugin!

2. Provides a detailed checklist of SEO suggestions – know at a glance what tweaks you need to make!

3. Supports optimizing content for multiple keywords!

4. Supports semantically-related (LSI) keywords – in 25 different languages!

5. Readability scores – 6 different sophisticated tests analyze your content for readability, and shows what adjustments you need to make

6. Automatic bold, italic and underline keyword decoration

7. Automatically adds rel=”nofollow” to your external links

8. Automatically inserts keywords in image alt tags

9. Links to video tutorials for all features embedded in the admin panel!

10. Optimize ANY page on your site with the URL Analyzer! With this awesome feature, you can analyze and SEO score your home and archive pages, NOT just standard WordPress posts and pages!

11. All on-page factors analyzed are now user-selectable. Don’t think the meta keywords tag is useful anymore? You can turn that check off, and it will no longer impact your SEO score!

12. Copyscape integration! Check for plagiarism of your content right from within the WordPress admin panel. You can also check your content for uniqueness before publishing (a GREAT feature if you outsource content writing)!

13. All plugin settings can now be exported and imported, even the licensing information, for instant replication on multiple sites!
Optimize content password-protected by membership plugins such as WishList or DAP, or any content in “Maintenance” mode.

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easy wp seo reviews
easy wp seo plugin review
easy wp seo plugin reviews
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