101 Ways to Elevate — #62 Use WP SEO by Yoast

Good day, I'm Troy Dean from Video User Manuals and WP Elevations and this is the 101 Ways to Elevate Yourself and Demand Higher Fees: a practical guide for WordPress consultants to start attracting better quality clients, work on better, more interesting projects, and get paid better fees. Now, let's go elevate.

Number 62: Use WP SEO by Yoast. I fundamentally believe it is irresponsible to launch a website without an SEO plugin installed. Why? Because at some point your client is going to come back to you and say, "Hey, you know that website that we launched a little while ago, that we spent good money on? Well we're not getting any traffic. No one is coming to visit the website. Why is that?" And if you don't have an SEO solution built in then it could be a little bit embarrassing, and I just think it's irresponsible. Your clients are going to need to attract traffic from search engines and WP SEO by Yoast is undoubtedly the best practiced market leader plugin for SEO solution for WordPress.

The other reason that I love WP SEO by Yoast is because it's really easy for your clients to use. If they start blogging and writing posts or even articles in their news section they can very easily add some meta data and some content to the WP SEO panel underneath the editor and it will dramatically increase the chances of them getting traffic from search engines. I think it's our responsibility to educate our clients about that.

Of course if you use the Video User Manuals plugin then we include videos to show your clients how to use the SEO panel by Yoast in WordPress. Otherwise you can just walk your client through how to use it and why it's important because building a website will not automatically bring traffic. You need to tell search engines what the website is about, that it exists, and what kind of traffic to send.

So use WP SEO by Yoast. Yoast is undoubtedly the number one guy when it comes to WordPress SEO. So use his plugin and install it on every site. In the next video, we're going to look at Google webmaster tools very briefly. Until then, go elevate.

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