Windows 10 - Beginners Guide [Tutorial] 1

Windows 10 – Beginners Guide [Tutorial]

This tutorial provides a detailed beginners guide to Windows 10. This covers the Windows 10 Start Menu, System Settings, Windows 10 Universal Apps, Taskbar, Cortana Digital Assistant, Task View (Multiple Desktops), File Explorer, Notification Area, Action Center, Show Desktop, and Snap Assist



  1. Unless your updating your video to keep current or indicating which release this pertains to the average user will see this video and go nuts that their menu doesn't look like the one in the video. Are you teaching to Windows 10 - 1703, 1709, or 1803, etc?

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  3. Wow What a piece of garbage. No wonder people pay more for apple.

  4. is Internet Explorer still safe to use on Windows 10 thank you

  5. I have been using windows 10 for years and you taught me new things. Thank you! This really helped.

  6. This is a damn shame I have to look up a video on how to use this horrible operating system

  7. Is there instructions for those who use more than one monitor?

  8. I can’t believe I’ve been using windows since 94 yet I’m having to watch this! Windows 10 you suck! Should have stayed with original format.

  9. I subscribed to your YouTube channel I would like to thank you for your great videos<br /><br />they have helped me a whole lot every time I watch a new video I learn something new<br /><br />I went from Windows XP to Windows 10 and I love it <br /><br />I thought I would have trouble learning the Windows 10 NO issues <br /><br />thank you again for all your videos

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  11. Thanks my friend

  12. I used Windows Vista for almost ten years and loved the way it handled my pictures in the picture gallery. I was able to go to the picture gallery and click on a picture and easily send the picture on to someone via old AOL dial up email. On my Windows 10 machine all my pictures get stuck in dumb folders where I can't see them until the folders are opened. What's worse even, is that I still haven't found out how to open some of the weird folders shaped like puzzle pieces.

  13. I bought windows 10 and I will never, ever buy Microsoft again. Find a tall building and lob the stinking, stinking, stinking thing. I mean it really fucking STINKS. IT STINKS! Hundreds for a computer and it can't write a letter, you have to open an account, buy the software and update the printer driver that the stupid thing wont't recognise because Microsoft just want to be cunts, cunts, cunts. There's absolutely no excuse for making all that tra-la-la about writing and printing a letter, that should just do it straight out of the box. DO NOT BUY THIS JUNK because it won't do fuck all else either, it's like navigating blancmange. It's no upgrade on Windows 7, I can tell you that.<br /><br /><br />Anyway, everyone knows that Bill Gates is a hollow arsed bumfucking little cunt. I will never, ever buy Microsoft again. If I ever meet him, I'm going to shove his unwanted, unneeded, unasked and unnecessary "Microsoft account" through his shitty head. DO NOT BUY THIS SHIT. DO NOT BUY THIS SHIT. Gates, sue me, you stinking, shitweed streak of piss. Fuck you for an arsehole that is the sooner dead the better.

  14. I could write a 5 page paper of everything wrong with windows 10. I've got a new laptop that will only work with windows 10. After this I'm switching over to linux and hell maybe even apple. I'm sticking with windows 7 till it dies then I'm done with Microsoft probably for good.

  15. I just upgraded windows 8 to windows 10 like 6 days ago it took 5 hours 30 minute to download it is so slow I got it for free thanks Microsoft for letting me have it for free they got rid of windows 8 trying to get back but couldn’t I really don’t like windows 8 anyway windows10 is the best

  16. Very good explained.... Keep it up

  17. Thank you bc I was trying to get in roblox and it kicked me out I tried to go to the App Store to buy some games and is kicked me out ugh

  18. Very informative but ended up falling asleep

  19. thank you

  20. I honestly like both Windows or Mac, but my Mac is a 2009 version, and my Window is a new one. I am not sure which to use?

  21. Quick access will take 3 hours to get in??? Windows 10 is way to confusing!!! And you can't get help... Wish I could go back to windows 7...

  22. Why laptop bag Canvas lapbook Windows 10 isliye maine window 10 new download karne ke bad daal de hi नहीं यार उसमें साउंड वॉल्यूम सब कुछ बंद है ना ही कोई पिक्चर्स वगैरह कुछ भी नहीं चल रहा है और नहीं ब्राइटनेस कम ज्यादा नहीं हो रही है और भी प्रॉब्लम से प्लीज कुछ ऐसा बताओ जिससे मैं उसे सही कर सकूं कृपया करके मेरी सहायता करो प्लीज कमेंट को पढ़ने के बाद विजय सेल्स देना और अपना नंबर भी सेंड कर देना प्लीज आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद होगा बबलू यादव

  23. Dude ! your the Man Thanks !

  24. Great Work Bro. Excellent Instruction and great voice. Really amazing.

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